2005 Legislative Accomplishments

by Rep. Susan Westrom
Legislative Accomplishments 2005 Session

HB 88 — Broadening Criminal Background Checks for School Employees: This bill was the result of a case in Lexington where a student was assaulted by a janitor, (an unclassified employee) who had a criminal record. Licensed or certified professionals such as teachers must go through a national background check; however classified employees were limited to a Kentucky background check. HB 88 gave superintendents the legal authority to do a national background check for unclassified employees who reside in another state or have not resided in Kentucky for an established period of time. It also required documentation of a photo ID with the application and documentation of residency dates if they were living in Kentucky. School districts now have the tools available to protect students from known criminals who could cause potential harm. This bill passed both chambers and was signed by the Governor on March 31, 2005.

HB 294 — Guidelines for Credit Counselors: After several cases of consumer abuse by credit counselors, Kentucky became one of the first states to regulate credit counselors. This legislation established registration of credit counselors who provide debt management services, limiting their fees, requiring payments to be made within 30 days, and requiring an annual audit to be submitted to the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office. This bill passed both chambers and was signed by the Governor on March 8, 2005.

SB 189 — Student Safety and Medication Administration at School: HB 88 broadened criminal background checks for school employees and became the method of passing with the sponsor’s permission, SB 189. This amended version of HB 88 now requires schools to have a volunteer designated to administer glucagons subcutaneously for students who are unconscious due to hypoglycemic episode or seizure disorder. This victory was celebrated by the American Diabetes Association and the Epilepsy Association.