Welcome Message from Representative Susan Westrom

Susan Westrom

Susan Westrom
State Representative
79th District
Lexington, Kentucky
Welcome to my friends from the 79thDistrict in Lexington, Kentucky, friends from the greater Commonwealth and the world.  I have had a great team helping me to present a website that is easy to navigate and provides information you will use and come back to often.  I want you to take advantage of the fact I know communication goes both ways, and I look forward to hearing your comments, concerns or suggestions, because you have found various avenues in which to do so on the Contact page.My hope is that you will use this website to educate yourself about our state and learn what is happening in Frankfort.  If you desire a personal experience of policy making, learn more about the Westrom Shadowing Program which is as helpful to me as it is my “shadows.” It is important that you know how productive I have been as a legislator in Frankfort, so I invite you to review the bills that I have sponsored, drafted AND passed. I am proud to say there are few in Frankfort who can compete not only with my success, but the depth and breadth of issues.  I am proud to say that I have done more than take up space in our General Assembly.

I hope you will sense how deeply committed I am to making Kentucky a better, safer and healthier place in which to live-  a state that welcomes business and industry, as well as a state that understands the importance of quality education, health care and providing a future for our children.  It has been a challenge to make certain we did not leave anything out, yet I suspect you will find enough media sources and news on this site to track what I feel passionate about.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts about any issues important to you.I have found the 79thDistrict is one in which the voters desire good and honest government and an elected State Representative in whom they can trust and access.    I believe firmly in a “government of the people by the people and for the people,” and I hope that has been reflected in our updated website.  It has truly been an honor serving you in Frankfort.
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